Breakout Sessions

2017 Breakout Sessions

This year’s conference will host four breakout sessions, starting at 9:30 a.m.  Each session will last 45 minutes.  The committee has divided each topic into four categories: business, health, family and fun.  Attendees will be able to take their pick of the topic they wish to attend for each session.

Session 1

Bullying and Your Children
by Dan Barbour, PhD, Psychologist

Bullies-we don’t want them around us or the people we care about. New technology actually enables bullying more than ever before. It’s an old familiar problem with new challenges. In this session you will learn how to identify bullying, get an overview of the impact of technology on victims and learn ways likely to help protect your children.

Planning a Comfortable Retirement
by L. Ann Coulson, Ph.D, CFP®

401(k), IRA, Social Security, Medicare?? Learn how to make sense of these complicated topics so your retirement can truly be golden. In this session you will learn about non-financial factors that may affect your retirement, recognize the role that Medicare and Social Security will play in retirement and understand what resources are available to save for retirement.

Quick, Nutritious Meals at Home
by Stephanie Letassy, AOS, Owner and Operator of My Personal Chef

Drive right by those fast food restaraunts and learn the thrill of creating a quick meal at home for your family. Geet food on the table in a flash and rest easy knowing what is in it, and where it came from. In this session you will get quick meal ideas, learn about pantry basics and quick and easy shopping and meal preparation.

Awesome Vacationing On a Budget
by Missouri Board of Tourism

Session 2

From Howdy to Hooked: How to Create an Impactful Introduction
by Karie Price, BA, Branding Specialist

Learn how to introduce yourself in a way that gets your ideal clients wanting to know more in just 15 seconds. It’s hard to stand out on social media and get people’s attention. Learn how to create an introduction that hooks their attention, sets you up as an expert, and gets them wanting to know more about you – in just 15 seconds.

Gardening with Natives and Heirlooms
by Angela White, Arborist and Horticulturist and Marge Van Praag, Landscape Architect

Heirlooms and Natives…what does that mean? In this session you will learn about the benefits of gardening with heirloom plants and native species, get a snapshot of the health benefits of gardening, learn how gardening native and natural benefits the environment and discover local plant varieties.

Using Your City Parks
by Clark Allen, Director of Poplar Bluff Parks and Recreation

Opportunities abound in your local parks, trails, and pools. Whether you are into fitness, having fun with the kiddos or grandkids, skating, biking, hiking, enjoying nature, playing disc golf, tennis, basketball or swimming YOUR Poplar Bluff Parks and Recreation has so much to offer.

Wearing the Big Girl Pants – Empowering Women to Lead
by Patricia Hall, RN, Ph.D, FACHE, Director of John J. Pershing VA Medical Center

Even though women in senior leadership positions both in public and private sectors is at an all time high, only 6.4% of Fortune 500 companies are lead by women and 1/3 of those are new to their positions. This presentation will explore the perceived gender differences and how women can capatilize on them to excel in leadership.

Going Beyond Yourself – Why Caregiving Comes Naturally
by Kim White, Marketing Director at Visiting Nurse Association

Do you serve as everyone else’s anchor but find that you are slowly sinking? Learn why taking care of yourself is as important as giving good care for an ailing loved one. In this session you will learn what it takes to be a caregiver and how to keep from losing yourself in the process.

Session 3

Networking for Success
by Rose Anne Huck, BA, Owner, Artist and Designer at Creekside Studio of Art & Design

Networking is NOT pushing your cards on as many people as possible. It IS connecting with people who may need your services or who know others who need them. It IS about helping and meeting the needs of others with your services or products. Learn how to make your networking more effective and track your return on networking investment in this session.

Backyard Chicken Farming
by Bruce and Sharon Beck

Raising a home chicken flock can yield fresher, tastier and more nutritious eggs, an economical source of meat, and perhaps a source of income. Chickens provide endless entertainment and re-life education. In this session you will learn what to expect of a home flock, what resources are needed and how to manage nutrition, disease, insects and predators.

Train Your Dog, Train Yourself
by Linda Kush, Owner and Operator at Sit and Stay Boarding and Daycare

In this session Linda will help you understand why animals need training, the things you can do to impact your dogs behavior and she will demonstrate proven techniques that you can use at home to have a well mannered companion.

DIY Decorating on a Shoestring Budget
by Katie Mullins, Store Manager at Reblessed

Create a magazine worthy home on a shoestring budget. With a few pro tips and tricks, you humble abode can transform for ordinary an dlifeless into something tasteful and unique. In this session you will learn how to transform furniture into a timeless accent or trendy statement, accessorize iwht DIY art and revamped flea market finds and trun th eswitch from tacky to tasteful by creating harmony with contrasting styles and mixed finishes and textures.

Got a Website? Great! Here’s Why No One Cares, and What You Can Do About It.
by Julie Wolpers, Owner of Webcurrent Communications

Most of us visit hundreds of websites and social networks every week if not every day. We’re so busy online, we’re frankly just NOT going to wander around aimlessly or enter your website or Facebook page into our browser’s address bar–unless you have somethign we want. Here’s how to really use your website to grow you business.

Session 4

Open Your Mind and Palate to Healthy Eating
by Shane Mischler, Executive Chef

Cooking clean healthy food that is vibrant and delicious doesn’t have to be bad for you. Learn the simple tricks of color profiles, aromatics and fusion cooking that will leave your senses dazzled and your waistline unharmed.

Let’s Learn about Alzheimer’s
by Michael Crew, AARP Speakers Bureau

Is it Alzheimer’s or dementia? Did you simply misplace your keys or did you forget what they are for? Let’s talk about what we can do to keep our brains healthy and vibrant. In this session you will learn how to stretch your body to stretch your mind and tons of other tips to keep your mind healthy as you age.

Harnessing Your Financial Power
by Miranda Fickert, MAcc, Commercial Team Leader at U.S. Bank

Whether a little or a lot, we all have financial power. Learn how to make the most of what you currently have and learn tips on how to become more powerful financially. In this session you will learn about financial leverage, how to increase net worth and understand what criteria banks evaluate in potential customers.

Tired of Making Money for Someone Else?
by Panel discussion Steve Halter. Panel: Lisa Reynolds, Kylie Divine, O. D.

In this panel discussion you will learn how to start you own business, from start to finish. Licensing, financing, and more will be coverend in this session.


2017 Agenda

7:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 Opening Remarks
8:45 Opening Act – Tracy Bonner: Laughter
9:00 Exhibits and Networking
9:15 Breakout Session #1
10:00 Exhibits and Networking
10:15 Breakout Session #2
11:00 Exhibits and Networking
11:15 Lunch and Fashion Show
11:45 Conference Notes
12:00 Annual Meeting
12:15 Women Aware: 30 Years in the Making
12:45 Exibits and Networking
1:00 Breakout Session #3
1:45 Exhibits and Networking
2:00 Breakout Session #4
2:45 Exhibits and Networking
3:00 Introduction of Vicki Lawrence, Keynote Speaker
4:00 Closing Remarks and Giveaways

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